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We don't speak binary, just regular English.

Apple makes some of the most innovative and useful products in the marketplace; products that truly make your life easier and more productive.

Though the Macintosh doesn’t need the same level of support that a PC does, on occasion it is nice to know an expert you can call.

We don’t believe in service contracts, they’re too expensive. Use our skills on an as-needed basis.

Stretch Your IT Dollars.

We monitor dozens of technical support sites daily, get hundreds of emails internally from Apple and probably read several hundred pages out of manuals every week. That is way too informed and geeky!

We don’t protect our knowledge base. We want to educate you on how to solve many of your own problems. Only call us when things get complicated. We go the extra mile. While we’re at your office, we’ll observe the workflow and provide solutions to make you more efficient.

We are able to quickly identify opportunities for improving your business with technology solutions that you may not be aware of. In today’s world everyone keeps passing the buck. The simple fact is that we just get the job done and move onto the next problem.

We’ll keep your digital world thriving without busting your bottom line.

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A little insight on how we got here.

Tried and True.

Since 1991 we have provided support and digital related service to thousands of companies. We have owned or worked on virtually every Macintosh made since its introduction in 1984.

Years ago we had a service bureau that provided digital printing for graphic design firms, advertising agencies and multimedia production companies.

We understand computer graphics like no other technical support firm.


Why "After Hours"?

Many years ago our founder and managing partner was asked to set up a computer graphics department for a division of Texas Instruments. Before too long he was approached by other companies to do the same, and he told them he'd do it "after hours".

Since then so many customers have come to know us by that name for our graphic-related services and technical support that we’ve never been able to bring ourselves to change it.

We may not keep the same hours, but we’ll always offer the same exceptional expertise, devotion & service.

  • "Lance could never hang drywall when he was a teenager."

    – Former Employer

  • "I don’t like him. He’s always fixing things that I couldn’t figure out."

    – Disgruntled Competitor

  • "I dislike him even more since Macs can run Windows 10."

    – PC Consultant concerned that we know Windows

  • "He is so attentive and always brings me flowers."

    – Ex-Girlfriend

  • "Oh… he’s really good."

    – Staff at the Genius Bar in an Apple Store